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From the album Making Monsters [Explicit]

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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
November Process Decadence Unknown
Diary Of Dreams Treibsand A Collection Of...
God Module Sector 9 Unknown
Destroid Only A Vision Unknown
Santa Hates You Deutschmaschine Rocket Heart EP
YelworC Without Remorse - Remix Icolation
Icon Of Coil Situations Like These Seren E.P
Unit_187 Euphoria Capital Punishment [Explicit]
Girls Under Glass Truly Living Unknown
Funker Vogt History Timeless Decay Mix By Icon Of Coil Revivor
Dubok Safe Unknown
KMFDM Adios Greatest Shit
Suicide Commando Face Of Death (Torment 01) Unknown
Hocico Ruptura Disidencia Inquebrantable
Electro Synthetic Rebellion It Hurts Wounds And Scars [Explicit]
Dismantled What A Tragedy Unknown
Edge Of Dawn Kiss Or Kill Borderline Black Heart
Negative Format Hues Of Grey Gradients
[Active] Media Disease Friends & Freaks Unknown
The Retrosic Unleash Hell Nightcrawler : Contact me