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Evils Toy

From the album Illusion

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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Mind.In.A.Box Forever Gone Lost Alone
God Project Alone And Nothing Unknown
XP8 And Sebastian Komor Join In The Chant [Bullets And Matches Remix By DJ Lee] Unknown Evil Genius Unknown
Seize Weird Dreams The Other Side Of Your Mind
Run Level Zero Somnium Ex Machina Walk The Psycho[Path]
Kevorkian Death Cycle Pulse Unknown
Electro Synthetic Rebellion World Domination Post-industrial
Droom Eyes Like Oceans Unknown
Solar Fake Hero And Conqueror Broken Grid
Neikka RPM Closing In The Gemini Prophecies
Ganymede The Final Mission Operation Ganymede
Aiboforcen Peep Show Sons Palliatifs
Diorama Exit The Grey A Different Life
Type001 Message Received Multi-Track Alignment
Snog Neighbor Of The Beast Vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture
The Synthetic Dream Foundation Ophelia`s Mechanical Wings Tendrils Of Pretty
Assemblage 23 Tried Failure
Dismantled Wisdom When I'm Dead
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