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Velvet Acid Christ
Caustic Disco

From the album The Art Of Breaking Apart

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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Insekt Spike Ohrwuermer
Rein[Forced] Poseur Futile Longings Of A Condescending Man
X-Fusion Expes Unknown
Rat King The Wake Unknown
The Azoic Truth Illuminate
Lexincrypt Unbeliever This Descent
Electro Synthetic Rebellion Synthetic Stimulant (Internal Corrosion Mix) Distorted Visions / Corroded Fragments
HMB This Fire Great Industrial Love Affairs
MindFluxFuneral You And I Unknown
I-Scintilla Havestar (Combichrist Mix) Optics (Limited Edition)
Feindflug Suchatzki Marsch Hirnschlacht
Parallel Project Deleted Scenes (feat Mark Jackson) Unknown
The Alpha Conspiracy Morphic Cipher
Interface Destination Unknown
Covenant Ritual Noise (Edit) Ritual Noise
Tyske Ludder Gebet Anonymous
God Module Dreams Collide (Arrythmia Mix By System Syn) Unknown
Edge Of Dawn Elegance (Version) Enjoy The Fall
Skinny Puppy EmpTe The Greater Wrong Of The Right (Remastered)
Birmingham 6 Israel Unknown : Contact me