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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Mind Confusion Remains Unknown
Blue October UK The Girl From Ohio Unknown
The Rorschach Garden Searching For Perfection Unknown
Evils Toy Co-excistence Unknown
Black Heaven Glut Und Asche Unknown
Mindless Faith Stars & Stripes & Satellites Unknown
Mentallo & The Fixer Narcotic Unknown
Electro Synthetic Rebellion Devastation Unknown
Digital Factor Dopamin Unknown
VNV Nation The Great Divide Unknown
God Module Lost Time Unknown
Digital Geist Red Techno Unknown
Angelspit Ditch The Rest Unknown
Lost Signal Strain Unknown
Retractor In Another Life Unknown
Severe Illusion Competitive Unknown
Project Pitchfork Requiem Unknown
Assemblage 23 Pages Unknown
KMFDM Sycophant Unknown
Suicide Commando We Are The Sinners Unknown : Contact me