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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Ayria Horrible Dream (Glis Mix) Unknown
Diary Of Dreams Hypo)crypticK(al Unknown
Edge Of Dawn Damage Unknown
Virtual Space Industrial Hope [Jules Verne Remix By Kanariss] Unknown
Mono Chrome Liquid Hi Unknown
Amnistia Outrage Unknown
Left Spine Down Welcome To The Future - Future 8th Mix By Splatterpunk Unknown
Suicide Commando Torment Me Unknown
Project Pitchfork Realm Center Unknown
A Spell Inside Reveal Unknown
XP8 Angel And The Beast Unknown
The Thought Criminals Cyberslut (Ed Strazoas 12 Club Remix) Unknown
E-Craft Electrocution Unknown
Accessory Bad Conditions Unknown
Eisbrecher Angst Unknown
Eisschock Narcissism Unknown
Die Form Suffocations Unknown
Manufactura The Drowning Possession (MNFCTR & Lexincrypt) Unknown
Lost Area Amnesia Unknown
Wumpscut Concrete Rage Unknown : Contact me