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Severe Illusion

From the album Shortcut To Civilization

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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Project Pitchfork Requiem Alpha Omega
Assemblage 23 Pages Contempt
KMFDM Sycophant Adios
Suicide Commando We Are The Sinners Bind, Torture, Kill [Explicit]
Z Prochek Memories Intravenous
The Alpha Conspiracy Accelerating (feat. J Ned Kirby) Unknown
Imatem Escape To Follow (Featuring Sven Friedrich) Unknown
Cruciform Injection Defiance Critical
Das Ich Engel Unknown
Tau Factor Motionless (Stasis Remix By Pre-emptive Strike 0.1) Unknown
Negative Format Senseless Cipher Method
C8k Subway Psycho Unknown
Sleepwalk Behind The Horizon Unknown
Killing Ophelia Burn Awake Iamai
Lights Of Euphoria Fading Moments (NamNamBulu Remix) Fading Moments
X-Fusion No Fiend To Exorcise Demons Of Hate
DavaNtage Cold Unknown
Sonic Radiation Radial Blur Mixides
Lost Area Unborn Unknown
Lost Signal Perfect Sky Unknown : Contact me