Author Topic: Grendel/Nachtmahr/Cervello Elettronico/Shiv-R Gig  (Read 3076 times)

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Grendel/Nachtmahr/Cervello Elettronico/Shiv-R Gig
« on: April 25, 2011, 11:44:32 PM »
Sunday night at The Step Inn, which is a little club. Crowd was about 60 or so but enthusiastic and the bands definitely appreciated the love.

Shiv-R was first and played a reduced set (as did all due to midnight closing time for all pubs and clubs as the following day was Easter monday) He was excellent and the vocals were far better live than those I have heard through CD's and Youtube. And although he had a pretty sidekick she seemed to have plenty of trouble banging her electronic drums in time. Oh well....

Cervello Elettronico simply blew us away with his set of Djing his own tracks basically.... The crowd in general were a little unsure what to do when there were no beats but they got into it. Again a shortened set but just amazing. The sounds and the manipulations of the sounds were awesome...

Nachtmahr were fantastic as well. A strong set with Thomas' vocal screaming working very well... Lots of banter between tracks and a couple laughs here and there. He worked the front row with letting them have the mike and chatting one on one with them during the breaks.  Shortened set but all the big tracks were played and sounded awesome.

Grendel were and I hate to say it, the let down of the night. But not by much. I think being rushed into the set and so forth and having to cut it all short may have jumbled things up. After the third track he seemed to get his vocals right and it all went well til he forgot the lyrics to a track and asked the crowd to help him out and they certainly did.

Overall then night would have been awesome considering the tickets to see all four bands was $50 australian... However it became truly epic later after Grendel finished there set..

After Shiv-r had done their set the were set upon by fans for photos and were happy to be tere for that which I thought was pretty cool. After that I walked up to Pete ( who is essentially Shiv-r) thanked him for coming to Brisbane to play, said I was aware he was tired after he set but could I just ask a question about software... Nerd/geek much? To his credit he gave me ten or fifteen minutes right then and there talking technical stuff and promised after the show to catch up and chat some more.

Cervello Elettronico (Dave) finished his set and as he was unplugging his gear I thanked him for coming to brisbane to play and asked pretty much the same questions. Again, he gave me five minutes of his time while he was unplugging his gear and said we could catch up afterwards..

He then turned straight around, grabbed a drink andf in less then ten minutes was on stage again playing for Grendel. I thought "Man he must be pissed at me as I wasted some of his downtime between sets being a fan boy".

SO Grendel is done and they have sourced to girls from te front row fopr the night and an afterparty place to go. Dave walks up shakes my hand, thanks me for my comments and then we chatted all things technical and otherwise for 40 minutes easy. He shared everything he knew to the questions I asked and more. We talked Djing, playing to 50 people in a strange country to him playing in Terrorfakt, stuff he has done in Europe and the US and he knew Australian Bands which I thought was cool as it is a very very small scene here and I think I pretty much gushed like a teen fanboy.

After we let Dave be,, we found Pete pulling down the equipment and packing stuff away and drunk. Still he had no issues giving us time to talk about technical things and then a couple photos and we left him sorting out cables..

For me it was a great gig and all of the players on that night that we met were very cool and happy to chat have a couple photos and spend some time.... They seemed more grateful than we did that people came to see them. We were grateful that they came such a long way to play...

DJ Wolf

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Re: Grendel/Nachtmahr/Cervello Elettronico/Shiv-R Gig
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2011, 01:02:40 AM »
wish i was there
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Re: Grendel/Nachtmahr/Cervello Elettronico/Shiv-R Gig
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2011, 01:11:42 PM »
wish i was there


Thats all I can say.
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Re: Grendel/Nachtmahr/Cervello Elettronico/Shiv-R Gig
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2011, 11:36:21 AM »
Ya faelaenx.  I wish I could have been there to.  And thanxs to DJ WOLF for the update on that show, way down under.  It is cool to hear what is culturally happening on the other side of the planet. 
Coincidentally,  On my tour with Skinny Puppy.  We were travelling with Severed Heads who are also from Down Under.  It was an interesting union of both sides of the world in the early days of Industrial Music to travel as a show. 
Yet back to the point of the update from DJ WOLF.  Thanks for that and if I ever see any kind of industrial show at a clup here in St. John's called the Ship Inn.  I sure would give an update. 
I mentioned that as the show that DJ WOLF mentioned, was at the Step Inn.  Another weird coincidence in its on beat way.  It was at the Ship Inn where I met the first person here in St. John's that knew anything about industrial music.  Not having the Newfoundland accent and responding to her enquirery as to where I am from.  On my answer of Vancouver, she asked me if I had ever heard of S.P expecting the opposite of what I was able to say.  What a laugh that was as I mentioned this to you before faelaenx. 
Not the other side of the world as DJ WOLF reported.  Yet the other side of the nation of Canada which is kinda like the other side of the world for me here in St. John's when I am from Vancouver.  Two uniquely different places both culturally and geographically in Canada with the other side being way up to the far North. 
P.S to all.  I was happy to have a bit of time to cover off of some forum topics today.  Wish I could do more yet the burdens of life are definately weighing in heavey on my old shoulders. 
Cheers to all and Hear well to Digital Gunfire.