Author Topic: Starting a Club or Presence  (Read 5245 times)

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Starting a Club or Presence
« on: February 08, 2012, 02:18:52 PM »
Good afternoon all,

I have been doing some serious debating and have decided that sometime in the near future I would like to open a local club in the Arkansas area. I am querying you all for any information or techniques or whatever kind of advice you can think of in regards to getting an operation like this going. I have done quite a bit of research, but I feel like I am missing something.

Anything and everything would be great

-The Replicant

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Re: Starting a Club or Presence
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2012, 03:37:24 PM »
Men have become the tools of their tools.
-Henry David Thoreau

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Re: Starting a Club or Presence
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2012, 10:34:39 AM »
Hey Replicant.  
The feeling of missing something.  
I think I can imagine the feeling as I was dealing with dudes of simalar mind frame back in the 1980's.  
Christ.  That seems so long ago.  
Skinny Puppy.  Industrial Eclipse.  FLA.  Pretty much in that order.  
Knowledge of machinery.  Materials.  Imagination.  
And of coarse time.  Pretty much gave the time but we were all poor back then anyway.  
Puppy and FLA has carried on with amazing evolution.  
Yet the Industrial Eclipse was the club that I helped the creator put together.   It has seen talent like the Legendary Pink Dots and Test Dept.  My industrial world and imagination helped out a bit with the looks.  
Being born into a pipefitting company and hooking up with Skinny Puppy and conceptual artists like Paul Wong.   I was able to convey a decent industrial look to that life.
I wish I could help out with what you are wanting to create.  But the geographical distance is to energy and time consuming.  
Plus I just got a call that tentatively, I am off to Hibernia on Friday,  And my new passport gets me to Belfast on the Sea Rose FPSO that is going there for its refit in May.   FPSO is a massive bulk, semi processing hydro carbon production vessel that has no main engine and requires towing.  It only has dynamic positioning thrusters to stay on top of the spider boy.  
I write this while knocking on wood to help not jynxe myself out of this offshore stuff coming up.  Especially to Belfast on the 100th moratorium of the Titanic in 11 days.  I sure would like to see the momument Ireland created for this memorial occaision.  Belfast did build that ship according to engineering specs.  And they did it with class and style that should be awarded to them as appose to the shadow they have had over them untill recently when the cyvil war attrocities did hault or slow down on both sides.  Now sadly, in the peacefull time of Belfast.  Those people can take credit for building such a magnificent vessel of its time.  It is just unfortunate the Captain was taking her to fast through iceburg alley at the time of year when the burgs were going to be there.   And Iceburgs move for nothing.
Even though I am now living in Newfoundland from Vancouver.  My life has pretty much carried on with industry and industrial labour locations.  Sometimes technical.  Sometimes dirty.  And quite often underwater.   Yet, always industrial.    
But hey Replicant.  What you might be missing is the industrial designer, with the right ear for sound, and vision to create.
To help you come up with what is going to compelle goth / industrial /punk,  into  wanting to come feel freedom of the sound and look.  
An individual person who has the same aspirations as yourself to make a presence that is cool.  
I have my vynil from back then.  And from digital gunfire I have been learning of the new and seasoned generation of industrial artists to music.  It is as good now as was back then from what I listen to and hear.  
It was all aspects of the independant scene we cared for and wanted to come spell off the time to listen to the music and feel like the presence is modelled for their comfort of independant thinking.  
To be resourcefull with imagination and thought.
I hope that Karma does come your way.  
The now generation,  does deserve,  want you want to convey.  
Good luck Replicant.
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Re: Starting a Club or Presence
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2012, 07:06:53 PM »
There use to be a Wiccan store called The Silver Dragon/Goths R sorry to have to type that here but thats the name. Its kind of embaressing to say but thats the name.  It may not be open any more. One time they did have a solo artist play up in there building.  If nothing else you can advertise there.  Im sure they would let you.  Its in Hardy, Arkansas. 870-856-6055

Keep me informed.  Would LOVE to come to ANYTHING near by. Im in Ash Flat bored out of my skull.